About 5x5auto Detailing Service

About 5x5 Auto Detailing

5x5 Auto Detailing Services is a company committed to offering our customers exceptional value and to be the leaders in Auto Detailing in Barbados.

5×5 Auto Detailing Service Barbados

5×5 Auto Detailing are located in Barbados. Our primary aim is to provide the best car wash service around. We strive to provide a quality service and have expert workers in place to make this happen.

Our entire 5×5 Auto Detailing team is trained to offer you our valued customer exceptional service. Each car detailing service is powered by our world-class 3D products. Our Service technicians have been intensively trained in the latest cutting-edge techniques by 3D qualified experts.

This is all to ensure that you, our valued customers receive unparalleled vehicle detailing, protection, and restoration services. That’s our commitment from us to you and its unshakable.

5x5 Auto Detailing Polishing (5x5 Auto Detailing Exterior Polishing)
5x5 Auto Detailing Polishing (5x5 Auto Detailing Exterior Polishing)

Our Mission

The objectives for 5×5 Auto Detailing Services Inc. are:

  • To be viewed as a premium car wash and detail/valet company servicing Barbados.
  • To provide the customer with quality service every time (no exceptions)
  • To provide and utilize quality environmental car care products to the customer and in our services
  • For the name 5×5 Auto Detailing to be synonymous with quality car care and products


Services are completely affordable and help maintain your vehicles appearance and curb appeal. We understand how important it is to maintain a clean looking vehicle. We also understand the painstaking task it can be to completely clean and detail your car to perfection.

Interior & Exterior Detailing
Scratch Removal
Headlight Restoration
Paint Restoration
It is Unshakable